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released June 2, 2017

Adam: keys, guitars, Stylophone, vox, percussion
Jeanette: vox, percussion
JP: drums, vox, percussion
Patch: bass guitar, vox, percussion
Rico: vox, tin sandwich, theremin, percussion
Theo: electric guitars

Produced by Michael Parker at Studio 6 Music

Additional vocals on Stories High, Suntanned Soul, Cosmo and The Crush by Alli Burke. Stuff bus, oblique strategies and chuffing custard by Walter Igoe.

Artwork by @Liam_Frost

Sound Mirrors would like to thank Michael and Peter at Studio 6, Alli Burke, Liam Frost, Gavin Bowern, Andre Kimche, Paul McClean, Jon Board at The Bassment, Shakey, Ed Wood at Asylum, Paul Dupree, Adam Barker and Carl Spaul at CCR, Terry Crouch, Modge and Jed, Andy Poole, James Carroll, Duncan Hendy, Simon Meek, David Arscott and The White Gospel, Mark Burnside and The Lemoncurd Kids, Martin and Mr Happy Chainsaw, Alan and Shirley, Silke, Jo, Ma and Pa Wilson baby sitting service, Michelle, Sophia, Georgia, Neave, Lorraine, George & Rupert, Nicky, Freya, Ed, Reuben, Dennis Brown at Electro Music, Ana and team Walthamstock, Uncle Bilf.

All songs Wilson/Scott/Sound Mirrors except Stories High (Wilson/Morris/Sound Mirrors), Suntanned Soul (Wilson/Meek), Cosmo and VK (Wilson/Hendy)

(C) Sound Mirrors 2017



all rights reserved


Sound Mirrors UK

Sound Mirrors is a six piece, sunshine-pop and indie-psych act from Essex. The Sound Mirrors band is a wall of close-harmony psych-pop, in turns aggressive and melancholy, but always desperately optimistic. Built around classic song writing, a theatrical edge and a ray of hope, Sound Mirrors is a team of beautiful misfits, dedicated to bringing a little sunshine back to rock and roll. ... more

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Track Name: Kepler-186f
Transit signals hard to separate
False dawn on green grass the light curve oscillates
When you going to bring me down to Earth?
When you going to fling me round the sun?
And I can join with everyone

There's another place for use to grow
Just like this one but better and far away
Everybody's going to be your friend
The people on the star with hearts to mend
And we will join with everyone

I can see you when you shine
The mathematics of your eyes
The distance crossed to empathise
I'm in stasis while I cross the void
A stellar light will be my guide
It's better on the other side

Frequent pulsation in brightness hours and days
We detect circumference but don't know if we're happy now
We will start again and do things right
Make the same mistake and hide our eyes
And we'll abandon everyone.
Track Name: Planet Fall
Pay your money takes your chance
Trust your love to happenstance
I'm here, I'm here, we disappear
We're see-through
There's a ride that never ends
Burns your eyes and kids and friends
I know, I know, we fall, we're prone
We need you

Sun rise sun set
All aboard the mystery jet
Hold on tight now we see you
Swing high swing low
Philae got a place to go
Hold on tight now
We got it coming... on

There's a place we landed on
Cryogenic Oberon
The bells, the bells, we're off the shelf
We're new world
Prepare yourself for planet fall
Ill met by moonlight after all
One step for us, one giant leap
For losers

Either or, keep a score, is there a prize at the end?
There must be more or what's the point of going through it again
Win or lose you can choose if there's a heart you can mend
Join our band
You'll understand
Our hero takes you by the hand

Perception is our enemy
We make out own reality
If you can see the world through me
Oh my how strange our love will be
Track Name: Forever Tonight
Make me love

Oh, the feelings that come
The feelings that go
The lives stuck together by Doctor Moreau
A piece of today
And yesterday night
Held up to the light so tomorrow knows

Are we not friends?
Are we not men?
Are we left to rail against memory’s end
Step into the light
We’ll make alright
We’ll make it together forever tonight

The way that she moves
The way that we breath
The little mistakes that we wake to relieve
A creature within
We made out of sin
It stands against nature and shadows grow

We will grow and we will know
And we will play our little show
And we will sing until our hearts are in our mouths
And who’s to say that by the end
We won’t have made some little friends
And we will sing until the sun comes out

Sew me new eyes look deep inside
Tear me new heart Take me outside

Make me love
Track Name: Stories High
Sail on Odysseus sail home
Steal fire Prometheus warm heart
Reach out my Tantalus reach high
Roll on my Sisyphus don't cry

These things are sent to try
Ours but to do or die
Stay gold
Stealing your fire and then
Tied to a rock again
Stay gold

It's just the stories we tell

Sail on my runaway sail home
Hold fire return to me warm heart
Reach out I'm here, c'mon reach high
Roll on another day don't cry

Breath life in Pygmalion no not a sound
Run from my hands Midas it's over now
One look and we're stone stop motion and how
Send birds to pluck my eyes still tomorrow comes
Track Name: The Dunwich Horror
The sea, the sea, it calls to me
No more to speak my name
Your silence be the death of me
We fall, we fly away

Time and tide dissolve we melt away
Metaphor revolve and make my day
Summer sun will steal my heart away
OK, we'll stay
Her logic like the wall holds back the sea
Defending what will fall eternally
Summer sun will steal my smile fro me
They'll see, she and he

We love you
But it sure isn't easy to do
We love you
Just because we are one of the few
It takes two
But now they're starting to squeeze me out

The flame, the flame, that speaks your name
It fades and sputters out
The smile that creeps across this face
Misplaced will find me out

Stuck here on the ride that never ends
Subject to the tides your mood will send
Turning now so fast as we go round
The bend, again
Stolen by the fear of times before
Resolute and clear and yellow to the core
All I want is everything and more
There's more in store

Drown my soul
Out of my depth
Swallow whole
Take me home
Track Name: For Better Days
Pain like shards of porcelain
Frays your temper once again
Razor sharp to stain like acid rain
Take a tear a pool to make
Grow a second back to break
Birds to peck upon your neck we medicate

Never know what to say
No words to take the pain away
Then when her temper frays
Nails dig in for better days

Doctor Robert found a cure
Bust your spine and mind for sure
Dirty looks for those who shook you from your sleep
Here's the church and here's the needle
Open hearts and lonely people
Here's another leg to stand on brittle bone

I know you all too well
I'll show you hold your hand and never tell
Take all your hurt in me if I could
You know I would

There's a mole who dug a hole
Inside your mind to bind your soul
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill
The antichrist and Michael Gove
Will keep you dumb and make you old
All to tumble down and land on Jack and Jill
Track Name: Suntanned Soul
I saw the light but missed the point
When we were overcome
And falling for the yellow boys
It took us thirty thousand years
Before we landed on the Sun
We were blinded by the truth

I never worked so hard, I never
[You're never gonna get it]
Grow up boy with suntanned soul

Staring at defeat again
I should have seen the signs
And listened to the yellow boys
It's not written in the stars
It's here upon our hearts
But the never saw the light of day

I never cried so hard, I never
[You're never gonna get it]
Grow up boy with suntanned soul

You'll find me coming back for more
Until the Sun's burned out
And then we will be born again
And after thirty thousand days
If it take a little more
It will be worth it to be home again

I never loved so hard, I never
[You're never gonna get it]
Grow up boy with suntanned soul
Track Name: Cosmology & Longing
The things he said that broke your heart
Will cause us to go back and start again
My only friend
Wicked thoughts and evil deeds
Will never satisfy his needs alone
When you are not at home

You are
Like a star
I'll build myself a rocket ship
And fire it up into your iridescent light
A light that burns so bright
Tears are stuff as dreams are made
The cosmos is a lonely grave

Words won't heal the wounds he made
Your stitches torn apart and frayed dissolve
Your scant resolve
Fingers can't recall the tunes
That once filled all these little rooms with hope
Do you remember hope?

No one can hear you cry in outer space
Look at me now
Look at me go

The light from you will take an age
To reach the hearts and brains of those who care
When you're not there
You went supernova weeks ago
It will be years before we know
Or understand
Track Name: Throwing Stones
I've seen you keeping it in 'til you turn blue
There where your heart should be there's a hole
Reaching back to the start of
Times when turning and losing our minds then
Tearing our hair out and making dolls
For the pins we will keep in

Rooms with in rooms behind
Doors open wounds sticks and
Bones breaking gloom sinking
Floors drawing breath throwing stones

So fall back follow the script until we crack
Open your brain until all falls out and
They won't won't put us back together
This is the end of your tether for ever and ever and
All those tears dry as fears we will store in

We shatter everyone
The cracks upon the sun
We got our fingers burned
Track Name: Sunrise
Dreams are eating me whole
I'm lost in a world of sunlight
Are they smiles we stole
Or are they really ours by birthright?

It's easy
It just takes you to please me
And now and forever
These days and nights together

Everyday is the same
In heaven but it's more fun down here
Run right out in the rain
Together and the storm clouds will clear

I'm falling in deeper
I walk the earth to see her
And now and forever
These days and nights together

She's the sunrise
And she's all mine
Watching waiting
A new days breaking

I never knew that it would turn out nice again today
And now your here and it's so clear that there's another way
You know I'm use to feeling low I find it hard to smile
I think you're gonna turn me round in just a little while
Track Name: The Crush
Sleep tight under bakelite
Feels right on your skin tonight
We fall and we burn alive
Feels small feel it all arrive

Bee stings sewn into us
All hail the crush

Sun sets behind audio tapes
Love tries to conceal the shakes
Night comes over astro turf
God knows Brian never surfed

Come overwhelmed into dust
The fear and the rush is ours
Hairs stand on the back of your neck
The Hesperus wreck
The price that you pay
Forever a day
Your tears run away

Something wicked this way comes
Cool memories everyone
Live hyperreality
Take in all the scenery
Track Name: VK
There is a dark and distant place
In which I rarely show my face
All cluttered by Super 8s
And somewhere in the rubble there
You'll hear the sound of our despair
Recorded on an 8-Track cart
But the player's busted
We can't buy the spares

Don't leave me, here

The ghosts inside the sick machine
All dream of throwing off routine
But no one knows what dreaming means
Turn the screw and twist the knife
Replicate a better life
I built myself a robot wife
But she left me
We are out of date

Don't leave me, here

The Betamax machines replay
The breakdowns of our yesterdays
Available at bring and buys for cheap
A Polaroid, a grainy slide
An echo in a great divide
Metallic mums and dads below
Talk of things we'll never know
We are rusted shut

Don't leave me, here